Designing based on knowledge of neuropsychology
and neuro-marketing.
Based on the successful experience of neuromarketing, neuroarchitecture is able to increase the profits of enterprises and positively influence the important areas
of human activity.
Using the laws of the human brain, we create space and create an effective interior for him.
Architecture and design should not develop in isolation from human needs. Even at the stage of the concept, neuroscience gives the opportunity to accurately shape the space for specific tasks, and to predict the scenario of human behavior in it.

Traffic management, time spent in space, emphasis and dispersion of attention, management of positive and negative emotions, decision-making and non-decision making - all this, along with acoustics, light, color and smell is in the competence of neuroarchitecture.
NEUROarchitecture – Data driven architecture
NEUROarchitecture – designs buildings and interiors using neuromarketing and neuropsychology techniques to increase the efficiency and profitability of commercial and social institutions.

NEUROpsychology - studies the relationship between brain function and human behaviour.

NEUROmarketing - uses brain data and unconscious decision making to influence people's choices, for the purpose of producers of goods and services.
Global experience

The knowledge of neuropsychology and neuromarketing has already been successfully applied in the development and sale of the company's products: Facebook, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, IKEA, H&M, Tesco, NBC, controlling the behavior and influencing the choice of the target audience.
How do we use it?

Based on the knowledge of neuro-marketing and neuro-psychology, as different environment influences the behavior and choice of a person, NEUROarchitecture creates a design that encourages a person to make the necessary actions:

Go to the store and make more purchases, focus on work and study, make difficult decisions, relax.

How does it work?

By applying scientific knowledge, connecting sensors that track real emotions and human attention, it is possible to build an environment that raises/decreases concentration, increases/decreases critical thinking, attracts/removes from one object, etc.

Why is it important?

Understanding the real feelings of a person before the project implementation reduces economic risks to build an unclaimed or ineffective object. And significantly increases the likelihood of building an effectively working object that brings profit.

The complex decision for increase of profitableness of shopping centers!
Increased revenue for your mall,
through a traffic management system based on psychology and behavioral sciences.
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